Nov 7 - Day Before Election Day


We started yesterday with a quick game of "cast your vote" - another short iCivics game in which you ask cartoon presidential candidates about issues you care about, hear their positions, then decide how you feel and how important each issue is to yourself. In the end, you enter a polling booth and cast your vote for the candidate who most adequately reflects your own views. In the end, the game reflects back to you whether or not your vote is aligned with your opinions on the issues throughout the debates.


After the game, we followed up with a video about political debate strategies, tricks, and fallacies. The video is part of a series from organization called We the Voters. Last week, some NOMAD students went to San Francisco for a screening put on by the San Francisco Film Society of many of these films. Today, we watched a few more that weren't included last week on some major issues in the election and on the upsides and downsides of lobbying.


We talked some more about the propositions on the ballot, specifically the California propositions. We read summaries of a few of them, then voted on one we wanted to focus on. Everyone voted on the proposition to repeal of the death penalty (Prop 62). We watched a short video clip about it from the KQED education website. We debated both sides of the argument using various voter guides from a variety of perspectives. Afterwards, each student chose a proposition (state or local) to research on their own, and wrote down the summary, pros and cons, and their own opinion about their selected proposition.

Christie Seyfert