Ukulele Making
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Ukulele Making Day Camp

July 10-14 / AGES: 8-14

Days: Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 3 pm

Extended morning available from 8:30 - 9:30 am for $50/week

Extended afternoon available from 3 - 5 pm for $75/week

We start this camp exploring the design of a standard soprano ukulele, comparing it to untraditional designs of alternative ukuleles. After considering different elements of design, acoustic variance and materials, we will begin designing our very own ukuleles. Using Easel design software, students will make 3D blueprints of their ukuleles. Once their designs are finalized, students will use our X-Carve cnc machine to carve the various components of their ukulele. From there it's sanding, assembling, staining, painting, fine tuning and learning to play. 

Students will complete this day camp with a totally original, absolutely spectacular ukulele that they've made from scratch. 

All students need close-toed shoes, a water bottle, sunscreen and a packed lunch every day.