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For ages 8–14

A progressive private school for the creative & curious



The world is our classroom.

For students ages 7–14, Nomad is a mobile, project-based school for adventure seekers, dreamers, and doers. Thematic journeys lead students through academic content leading to deep exploration of big ideas. Through meaningful experiences, students practice the process of learning and then apply their new-found knowledge through self-driven projects.

Students learn by engaging with the world around them through regular excursions around the Bay Area, working with nearby experts and understanding that they are meaningful members of their community.


Be known. Be seen.

At Nomad we believe every human is important and deserves to be appreciated for who they are. Building intentional community between students, parents, and educators, creates a microcosm where students can build and practice the interpersonal skills they need to thrive in today’s world.


Do you have the Nomad spirit?

Inclusive, adventurous, curious, stubborn, wild, focused, flexible, warm – the Nomad spirit.

Are you looking for a school where you can:

  • Graffiti a school bus?

  • Build a wind turbine?

  • Sew a quilt?

  • Rock climb in foothills of the Sierras?

  • Calculate the amount of trash on CA beaches?

  • Write and publish your own novel?

At Nomad we say “yes!” Yes to wild ideas, yes to play, yes to trying, yes to the unknown – YES. Come join us.

Follow along with the flock