Nomad student profiles

Nomad students are adventureres, dreamers, and doers.

Students who thrive at Nomad are many things—resilient, compassionate, active, and flexible. They commit to their work, whether that be a math skill, improving their executive functioning, or building a go-cart. Nomad students value being inclusive—of different gender identities, perspectives, cultures, and learning styles. Nomad students come from public school, private school, and homeschool environments—and find a home in our school and a family in one other.


Meet a Few Nomadians

Take a peek into our Identify Gallery. Working with a professional photographer, students created identity statements and portraits to share what makes them unique.




My name is Dylan, and I am textured.

As a perfectionist, I have had difficulty choosing one photo to describe myself. I had an idea for the way I wanted my picture to look and feel. When it was taken, I thought it was nice but too bland. In the end, I chose a photo that was only accidently shot. It shows the imperfections that I, as a fellow human, have. Those imperfections are a big part of my identity, and I am proud of them, just as I am proud of my photo. While I was brainstorming ideas for what I wanted it to look like, I decided that another big part of my identity is color. I love color for it makes this world pop. Color has fascinated me ever since I can remember. When I was little, I loved kaleidoscopes, so I wanted my photo to be a play on that. I made my own filter by coloring clear plastic with markers to create kaleidoscope-y colors. Being a colorful person is a big part of my identity and I wanted it to show.

Besides being colorful, I am also bubbly. I took advantage of the bubble wrap that the frame came packaged in and used it as a stamp to print my bubbly-ness. Since I showed a part of my emotions in this project, I made the decision to put a piece of my mind in it too. The twine encasing the picture represents my thoughts because sometimes they can wind together in a way that only I can understand. People might not understand the stringiness, but it really means a lot to my identity. 

My identity may be complex and colorfully webbed with imperfections, but it is the only thing that is truly me.




My name is Bryce Schrader and I am a hyperactive, intelligent human being.

For my portrait, I chose to include tennis, school, and my deafness. They all represent an important part of me. Tennis is important to me because I have been playing for a long time and I enjoy the competition. Nomad is also important to me because I enjoy learning at a hands on environment with my friends.  Deafness is another thing that is important to me because I am learning another language so that I can communicate with people like me. As for my frame, I hot-glued cardboard on the side and painted it lime green with orange dots. The way I painted the cardboard represents my less serious side, where I like to joke around and do funny things. Additional parts of my identity are ASL (American Sign Language), dance, and impressions. Dancing is probably my favorite because I love to do weird dances.

Overall though, my deafness is probably the most important part of my identity because it represents a big part of my life. It also lets me communicate differently with a unique community. 




My name is Roenne, and I am a spastic-tornado-big-sister-soccer-player-writer-and-filmer.

The BTS picture resembles my favorite boy-band and the fact that the language that they speak is different than the language of the music that most of my friends listen to. In this way, I am different because not many people like K-Pop at Nomad. This group is also Korean, which to me, is important, as I am Korean as well. I would love to learn to speak Korean and visit Korea.

The soccer ball represents me as an athlete and as a soccer player. I love running around and playing. When I am active, I have a lot of fun.

The background of my photo is black and white, first, because I love the colors black and white. It is either light or dark. Also, I am a mix of many opposite things just like the opposite colors of black and white.  I have my good days and bad days. I make great decisions and I make terrible decisions. 

My frame is very special to me because it is a mix of colors (kind of like me) with a special saying at the bottom. “I do what I do, so mind your own business,” -Jimin. That verse from IDOL (BTS) is very special to me. It’s special to me because I’m very independent. When I heard the song, it spoke to me. It made me think about how I am my own person and others can’t tell me what to do.

I love acting, writing, playing sports, podcasting, filming, playing video games and making things. It is a great joy to me to create things and give them to my friends, family, or just to admire them by myself. I also enjoy playing video games like Fortnite, filming small shorts and writing stories.