In the Depot

Collaborate to explore and experience concepts. Practice personalized skills.


Work together to explore a topic.


The Nomad Depot is what we call our physical space in the Mission District—this is our home base in-between excursions around the city. In the Depot, students explore their journey topics through a series of hands-on, collaborative activities, experiments, and simulations designed by Nomad teachers to deepen student understanding of the journey topic. Specifically designed to be accessible to students of any skill-level, these activities focus on leading students to a deep understanding of a big idea, core concept, or theme.

Through this group work students are given opportunities to practice collaborative skills in a supportive environment. Students get to take turns being group leaders and being supportive teammates; they learn to identify their strengths and areas of growth.

Activities are designed to meet students where they are—no matter their learning style—and then lead them to expand their boundaries. By comfortably engaging in material from a place where they feel strong and secure, students are naturally able to take risks and push the limits of their learning.

With this emphasis on the experience and process of learning, Nomad students develop an understanding of their own learning style and become advocates for their own needs as learners.


Work independently to master skills.


To complement group work, students spend time each day working independently on skills. At Nomad we work one-on-one with students to become comfortable identifying their areas of individual expertise, and to help them identify areas where they have room to grow.

With small class sizes, teachers are available to give one-on-one instruction and provide personalized resources to support each student.