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Our Values

Graffiti & pigeons: two symbols that represent our values. Graffiti is colorful, proud, and ever-evolving—it captures our DIY spirit. Like young people, pigeons are intelligent, resourceful, and often underestimated.


Every human deserves to be seen and known deeply.

We believe that we can achieve a more beautiful world through understanding and compassion. At Nomad, all members of our community matter. When students, parents, teachers, and neighbors listen deeply and share bravely, we can meet the needs of those around us. We appreciate all our differences and dare to express ourselves authentically.

Because of this value, we maintain class sizes of 10 kids or less. We prioritize social-emotional learning above all else, because when people are happy, secure, and true to themselves, meaningful learning can follow.


Every human can make an impact.

We believe that we exist in ever expanding circles of impact. Starting in the classroom—a microcosm of our external communities—every student has the power to affect change. We examine our power closely, and we use it for the greater good. We practice skills and create projects that we can apply to the macrocosm of the larger world.

Because of this value, we structure our curriculum around social justice. We are intentional with ourselves, our peers, our families, and our world. We apply our learning to real issues in our lives. We are critical thinkers and change-makers.

Every human has expertise that they can cultivate and pass on.

We believe that humans are happiest when they find what they’re passionate about and share their passions with others. We leverage our strengths and explore our identities through meaningful, self-directed work.

Because of this value, we learn as much from experts as we do from our teachers; as much on excursions as we do in our classrooms. Our city is rich in resources, and so are each of us individually.

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At Nomad, we value knowledge, process, and self-understanding – with these, humans can do anything.

Our model is designed to emphasize the experience and process of collecting and applying knowledge so that students recognize that they can do anything.