Nomad Journeys

In the classroom, out in the world—take a journey through a big idea.


For adventure seekers, dreamers, and doers ages 7–14.


At Nomad, each of our semesters consists of a journey based on a big idea or concept. We’ve had a Radio Journey, a Water Journey, a Mosaic Journey – and more.

Each of these journey topics serve as our lens to explore academic content and our city. As a mobile school, we participate in our community and learn from both the natural world and human experts around us. We used Radio to explore narrative form and the physics of sound. We used Water to explore social justice, data, and statistics. We used Mosaic to explore geometry and language.

Each journey culminates with students completing a self-driven project where they have a chance to deeply explore a facet of the topic that appeals to them and put their interdisciplinary-skills to use through building, writing, coding, painting, sculpting, designing—the sky’s the limit.

The journey model emphasizes the experience and process of learning and helps students practice applying their knowledge. Through a Nomad journey, students recognize that they can learn and do anything.