Christie’s mission for herself and her students is to reach understanding through exploration, creation, excursion and play. Most recently, Christie was a founding teacher at AltSchool, a network of micro-schools and an education technology company aimed at personalizing education for students in the 21st Century. Her work at AltSchool was featured in the media on multiple occasions in sources such as the New Yorker, CBS This Morning, TechCrunch, Education Week and many more. Before that, she developed the middle school program for Brightworks, a progressive, project-based school in San Francisco. With an emphasis on using real-world tools, taking frequent excursions, and learning from experts, Brightworks provided Christie with the opportunity to explore her own philosophy as an educator and founding staff member. Her work at Brightworks is featured in Schools on Trial, a book by Nikhil Goyal. 

Lisa believes that the best learning happens when it's driven by student interest and discovery. For the past 5 years she has been developing and teaching hands-on math courses for elementary and middle school students using math as a window into an interdisciplinary experience delving into biology, cooking, music, architecture, art, history, ocean conservation and more. Lisa herself has always looked for interdisciplinary experiences, studying both math and music in college, receiving a Ph.D. in Applied Math, and completing a post-doc building math models of HIV at UCSF. Lisa's goal is to bring out the unique mathematician and scientist inside every student by finding learning experiences where students actually get to do math and science in the world around them.

Taylor, the long time partner of a brilliant educator knows that students (and people) are happiest when they're pursuing their passions. Taylor is so sure of this, they're willing to do all the gross administrative tasks to allow kids to roam the cities in which they live to discover what they love. 


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Christie Seyfert,  Co-Founder/Director of Education


Lisa Bishop, STEM Director


Taylor Cuffaro,  Co-Founder/Director of Operations