Flexibility for all Learners

Nomad offers two unique ways to get on the bus -- full-time and part-time.


Full-time students attend Nomad Monday-Friday, participating in all three of our programs: STEM, Humanities, and Maker Day programs. These students will belong to one of two student cohorts consisting of eight-ten students lead by an educator. They will move through the curriculum both as individual cohorts and as a larger group with all Nomad students.

Two days a week are dedicated to the Humanities curriculum, two days to the STEM curriculum, and one day to our unique Friday program that entails building and sustaining unique community systems modeled after our larger society (see more under the ‘FRIDAYS’ heading).

Part-Time school

Part-time schoolers are able to get their Nomadic experience one-four days per week rather than 5. This allows students coming from homeschooling the chance to maintain some flexibility in their schedule and academic programming.


Our Friday program is unique to Nomad, taking our experiential philosophy to the next level. On Fridays, we empower our students to build and run intricate, real-world systems. We have developed a student-created democratic system of governance and economics, a rotating art gallery showcasing student and professional work alike, a podcast available to the public on iTunes, an ongoing literary publication, and a garden and food-cooking program. Fridays provides kids the time and mentorship to build and sustain these meaningful aspects of Nomad and San Francisco culture. 

Homeschoolers interested in Fridays only should reach out to christie@sf-nomad.com.

two options; one community

The full-time and part-time schoolers will be moving through the curriculum together. The only difference between the two groups of students will simply be the days that they attend.