• BTS Top 10 Best Songs
    • How would you describe the style of the video?
    • What is the story of the song?
    • What is the story of the video?
    • How do the story of the song and the video relate?

2018 Play Week

sTEM Links

Monday, May 14

Roenne's plastic usage survey

Ecofootprint Calculator


  1. (Article) Tracking your ecological footprint
  2. Footprint Calculator (from Islandwood)
  3. Footprint Calculator (from Global Footprint Tracker – use your sf-nomadians email)
  4. (Article) How many Earth's do we need?

You have the option to work on any of the items below.


  • Continue working on your decimal skills, ask Lisa if you're not sure what skill to work on!

pi day links


Water Grows Life – Week of March 4


Experiment design

tides – Week of February 20



Once you've read both articles and watched the video fill out your Oceans & Tides Reflection sheet.

Morse Code

Week of Tuesday, December 12

  • Your IXL Assignment
  • Choose TWO Articles from the Science & Math NEWSELA Section
    • Take the quiz
    • On your NEWSELA Post-it, write the article title, and write three "I learned..." sentences and one "I wonder..." sentence.
  • Choose TWO videos from TED ED Science & Tech or Mathematics

project resources

Tuesday, November 7


  • Your IXL Assignment!

Khan academy


Ted Ed


thursday, November 2

radio Research Resources

Thursday, October 26

You can work through these links in whatever order you want! However, you need to make sure you complete all the ones with a star (**).


Read through these four short articles. Write down any important ideas or definitions in your STEM notebook.


Khan academy

ted ed

Vi Hart

Tuesday, October 17

You can work through these links in whatever order you want! However, you need to start with the ones with a star (**).

Khan academy


Ted Ed:



Crash course physics

What If

OLD Links

Field Notebooks Through the ages