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Week of November 13

Create a pixelated image!

  1. Choose one of the images below to focus on

  2. Choose (at least) two resolutions (one of the two smallest, and one of the two biggest)

    • Either 4x2 or 8x6

    • Either 16x12 or 32x24

  3. By eye, on the gridded image, determine which color appears the most in the given square, and color in the related square on your template. Each square on your template should be a single solid color.

  4. Continue until your grid is colored in!

Golden Gate Bridge

Grey FRillback Pigeon

Michelle Obama

Week of October 29

  1. Research to sketch a diagram of an eye in your notebook.

  2. Watch the resource videos below. Pause and write down any important/interesting facts in your notebook.

  3. Create an “explainer” about how the eye works, and interesting eye facts.

    • Form Options: Comic, Infographic, Sketchnotes, Google Slideshow


Week of October 15-16

  1. Color in the Animal Cell diagram and fill in the boxes (you can use Google or library books!)

  2. Research about your assigned type of cells – fill in the table in your notebook:

    • What does your cell do?

    • How many of your types of cell are in the human body?

    • Find 3 other interesting facts about your cell

    • What does your cell look like?

If you finish these two tasks you should read the assigned Newsela article “The facts about cells”.

Week of October 10-11

Semi-Regular Tessellations

Videos for Using Clay — Iteration Project