Tuition Adjustment

Nomad feels very strongly that the only way to educate is within a diverse group. Diversity of thought, experience, interest, ability and identity are crucial to creating a robust learning experience. As a way to ensure socio-economic diversity, we offer flex tuition, known as Tuition Adjustment, to bring tuition cost down for families for whom paying higher-cost tuition is not possible. 

Making Nomad affordable for as many families as possible is a top priority. As such, we set a flexible tuition to allow families to pay a tuition they can afford. For the 2019/2020 school year, full-time tuition will range in price from $0 - $29,500. Please see the tuition breakdown for cost of Custom-Schooling below. 

The cost of your family's adjusted tuition will be determined by financial information submitted through the National Association of Independent Schools with additional consideration of the high cost of living in the Bay Area as well as Nomad's operating costs. 

Please review our Tuition Adjustment Policy info sheet before submitting an application for Tuition Adjustment. All families who would like to pay less than the $29,500 max tuition must fill out a Tuition Adjustment Online Application (linked below). 

Tuition Adjustment Policy

Tuition Adjustment Online Application


Tuition for the 2019/2020 school year ranges from $0 - $29,500 for full-time students. For students who only wish to attend 4 days per week, tuition is $0 - $24,000.

4 days/week = $0 - $24,000.

5 days/week = $0 - $29,500