The World is our Classroom

Nomad is an inquiry-based microschool for kids ages 7-14. At Nomad, students learn by engaging with the world—they collaborate with community members and experts, engage in local issues, and explore the spaces of the Bay Area as part of their every day curriculum. Our converted school bus classroom is our mobile learning lab. The Depot, our home base, maker lab, and community hub.

Nomad is centered around meaningful, inquiry-based experiences curated to provide a cross-curricular academic program in collaboration with students through thematic units we call “journeys.” In each journey, students are immersed in the journey’s thematic concept through a variety of learning experiences, propose and complete student-driven projects, and present their work to the Nomad community. Nomad's journey topics vary by semester and emphasize using real tools, working with real experts, and saying yes to as many ideas as possible.

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If you are interested in Nomad for the 2019-2020 school year, check out our admissions page.