Oct. 26 - Off to Brightworks


Our day in San Francisco started at a coffeeshop where we discussed how to engage effectively and respectfully with experts. We often get so excited about our questions and ideas at NOMAD that we sometimes forget to stop and listen to the answers or ideas of others.


We wrote down some questions that we want to ask Gever Tulley, founder of Tinkering school and Brightworks. Our goal in meeting with him is to get some realistic tips about building our woods fort classroom given the constraints of our particular design challenge.


We happened upon an amazing print making shop where we were offered a tour. The owner of Aesthetic Union showed us many printing machines, the most interesting being the 1910 manual press. It would be interesting to look into the invention of the printing press and how many founding figures of our county used publishing to fuel the American Revolution. We also wonder what a screen printed flag might be like...


New places are full of feelings of adventure! Meeting puppies, running down sidewalks, trying new parks.


Gever asked Alex and Rachel to describe our specific challenge and the area where we want to build our fort.


Soleil explains some of our ideas.


Gever helped us with concepts and visuals that allowed us to think about the physics involved in our structure. He intentionally didn't draw blueprints. Part of learning to build is making mistakes, trying different things, and testing them out, and having to iterate.

Christie Seyfert