Build Day!


We started our day with an exercise to guide us as we build our NOMAD constitution. The kids thought about how they want themselves and others to treat the fort they're building. They all came up with great ideas about how to treat one another and the space with respect and kindness. We're off to a great start on our constitution!


After brainstorming, the students shared their ideas with each other. Lots of awesome overlap in hopes for the fort and our community.


We had an incredible build day filled with lots of play and great creativity. Some of the boys went straight to building an awesome rope swing off a large tree next to the fort! They traded turns trying to throw the rope up and over a large branch about 15 feet up. They used great communication and encouragement, making sure every one had the chance to give it a go. Alex ended up with the winning shot, using Alex's (other Alex) idea about how to make it happen. Once we got the rope over, Sebastian taught everyone how to tie the perfect knot to complete the contraption. The swing looks and functions great!

Christie Seyfert