Founding The Funnies


We reviewed the history of why and how the Constitution was made in the United States. We read the preamble, and then we imagined how we could rewrite parts of these documents for ourselves.


Using good old fashioned charades, we acted out various situations that might arise in NOMAD classes this year or in the future. We laughed a good deal, discussed our concerns about how students might act or think, and brainstormed how to address them in our school constitution.


Inspired by our hilarious acting skills, we began writing a draft of our own Bill of Rights.


We dove into serious writing, revising, and editing of the history and context of our NOMAD constitution, our preamble, and our actual constitution and Bill of Rights.


We are also hard at work on our final NOMAD flag, which will be revealed in a flag raising ceremony at our Fort during our final exposition and community meeting on December 15th!


We can't possibly end this semester of flag study without spending some time with the American flag. Using a short documentary created by the Drexel University and the National Constitution Center, we learned about the symbolism, timeline, and many iterations of "Old Glory." We never knew that President Taft was the president who decided our stars had to have 5 points and had to be arranged in horizontal lines. Before that, it was kind of a free for all. For a time, anyone could create an American flag in any design, so long as there were thirteen stripes and enough stars to represent all of the states.

Christie Seyfert