MLK Day!


Welcome back everyone! It was great to feel the high energy and joy of the start of the spring semester of NOMAD. Before boarding the train, we enjoyed the community vibes, singing, and breakfast snacks provided by CalTrain.


As the train pulled in, Sebastian pointed out the the brand new mural at the San Mateo train station. We'll have to investigate that further.


There were performances and handouts and the playing of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech on the train. It was a straight shot to SF with no additional stops, so we were at the march in a flash.


We were able to join the march right off the train, where we scored these matching sunglasses, danced to live bands and speakers on wheels, and read the picket signs.


The march went down near the water, past AT&T park, and ended at Yerba Buena gardens.


We saw many more murals as we walked!


And the march sparked conversation about peaceful protest, freedom of speech, and other upcoming demonstrations that are organized in the next couple weeks around Inauguration Day.


We were all excited to be back on a playground where tag reigns supreme, even if the Yerba Buena park isn't our home grounders turf.


We contributed to a sidewalk chalk Peace Mural after lunch. Our first mural making experience of the semester!


We listened to some speeches about progress, change, and the work that's still ahead.


And last but not least, we explored the Black Comic Arts Festival in the Metreon where lots of local artists were selling their work, giving away stickers and pins and coloring books, and representing powerful black superheroes!! Here, we had a conversation about the civil rights movement, making space, being aware of the space we were using all in the context of Rosa Parks and the bus boycotts.


Back in San Mateo, we discussed our experience and observations, talked about what privilege means, and brainstormed ways to create and inclusive environment in our own group. We ended with a lighthearted game of telephone, excited to be back in the swing of things.

Christie Seyfert