Today was a very mobile and much too of short day for what we tried to accomplish, but we became acquainted with our city and be another by foot as a group.


After walking most of the way to SF MoMA, stopping along the way to eat some of our lunches and drink tea while talking about NOMAD basics, and getting to know one another on the go, we hopped on the Muni bus for the last few blocks of our journey. We were all thinking the same thing: we can't wait to be on the NOMAD bus instead of the Muni bus!


One of our first stops inside MoMA was the living wall. We debated whether or not it could be considered a mural... On one hand it is an intentionally designed and created work of art on a wall, but is it actually a garden?


Sebastian investigates the mechanism moving this piece. Everyone was encouraged to find a piece that spoke to them the most and to consider various mediums they might want to create with this semester.


Though this picture does not adequately capture the moment, Lola guided us to her favorite piece in the whole museum with immense enthusiasm.


 Comparing inspired sketches at the end of our visit. Sebastien described his as "gravity," and Ben shorter 5 word take on a famous 6 word story.


We were able to spend a brief period of time playing at Yerba Buena before we had to jet back for pick up. On our way home, we stopped for a conversation about the best part of NOMAD - the insanely sweet kids who join. I explained how important it is for us to support one another always at NOMAD; it's basically the only thing that I'm "strict" about. We are a small group and a family, so we have to have each other's backs. We gave a thoughtful round of appreciations. Things like "thanks for sharing your opinions even though they are different from mine" and "I Iike how you always know when someone needs someone to talk to."

Christie Seyfert