First Day in The Depot... Sort Of


We are only a few days away from officially moving into our new space! Today we created a small makeshift meeting space where we created the next iteration of a picture telephone notebook. We aren't there yet, but we are working on making the tools we need to successfully play this game.


We are working on establishing a strong group dynamic. We've been attempting smaller team building challenges, but today I have them a slightly more difficult task. The goal was to work together outside of a circle on the ground to dip a jar into a cooler full of water and get the water outside of the circle without ever entering the circle. They had a few bungee cords and some cotton string.


As group challenges go, we had moments of talking over each other, complete stuckness, and failed attempts. We paused to create a few strategies and work on our communication skills. The group established a facilitator and set agreements about how to consider all ideas.


At last we succeeded, but our contraption broke at the exact moment we snapped our victory photo!!

Christie Seyfert