A NOMADic Tuesday


In a tense game of "throw lots of objects in a kind of chaotic manner with some semblance of strategy," we practiced our communication skills and teamwork.


We took some time to engage in a conversation about our past schooling and homeschooling encounters. As I've found with nearly all students, everyone has felt bullied, picked on, or teased in some way in their past. Without going into too many details, we built empathy for one another through our shared experience.


Over our lunch break we enjoyed a game of picture telephone. Lola, our fearless teacher, made us fall in love with this hilarious game. I see much more of this in our future.


We are also acquainting ourselves with the parks near us.


Using a couple stories from The House on Mango Street, we practiced a reading strategy to identify important details, which will later help us to identify and analyze the main idea of texts we read.


We stopped by the library that is closest to The Depot to scope out the digs and become a bit more acquainted with our local NOMAD neighborhood.

Christie Seyfert