Don't Call it a Book Report


Everyone picked a book that tells the story of a marginalized or underrepresented group of people. Similarly, in our study of murals, we are exploring how murals and graffiti art serve as a cultural and political voice that often tells the stories, dreams, or journeys toward change for these groups.


I gave a brief mini lesson on related vocabulary words and the assignment. We discussed how this project is mostly research for our first NOMAD art gallery show and part practice for the necessary pieces of any good project proposal. We each hope to spend a good amount of time creating a piece of art that expresses an opinion of ours related to the book we read or calls a community to action that we can display in the NOMAD space as a public art gallery later this year.


After a good run around outside, we discussed graffiti art in a study room. Is it good or bad? When is it good; when is it bad? What if it's illegally done? Is illegal graffiti art ever ok? You can read some of their opinions written out on the white board. We had an amazing, deep debate on the subject.


We explored graffiti in various books. One book called "Bad Graffiti" showed the inappropriate, often pointless, sometimes offensive types of graffiti, while books about Banksy showed how thought-provoking and intelligent graffiti art can be.

Christie Seyfert