Oct 31 - Halloween!


We spent the morning at The Spot reconsidering our location, hauling wood, and building. It is hard to build on a hill! It was also muddy (sorry parents, about the shoes), and we found that our partially soggy wood was heavier than before. We are learning by doing, folks! I was so consumed by our tasks that I didn't snap many photos, so look for photos of our process next time! This photo doesn't quite do justice to our hilly landscape or the trials of carrying 2x4s up and down.


We played a few rowdy rounds of the game One Night Werewolf over lunch - very fitting for Halloween!


After lunch, we read a scary story by Mark Twain called "A Ghost Story" and briefly investigated the history of Halloween. After, we watched a couple BrainPop videos about the voting system in our country, followed by a demonstration about the popular vs electoral college vote. The group was split into one state of 2 people and another state of 3 people. Each individual voted for Vanilla or Chocolate. Despite the 3-2 chocolate to vanilla popular vote, in the larger state, vanilla won thereby taking lead in the electoral college. We spent a bit of time looking at current projections state-by-state on an interactive map showing possible percentages for Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and Stein along with historically red and blue states and the voting histories of swing states.

Christie Seyfert