Nov 8 - Election Day


Game day! Election Day started with high energy, lots of excitement, and delicious themed cookies made by John. Thanks John!


We spent a few minutes playing "Cast Your Vote," an iCivics game that asks the player to choose questions to cartoon candidates in a debate, hear their opinions, pick the side they stand on for each issue, then vote.

After the game, we followed up with a video about political debate strategies, tricks, and fallacies. The video is part of a series from organization called We the Voters. Last week, some NOMAD students went to San Francisco for a screening put on by the San Francisco Film Society of many of these films. Today, we watched a few more that weren't included last week on some major issues in the election and on the upsides and downsides of lobbying.H


We examined our own state and local ballot measures using the government voter guides and other voter guides from various perspectives (democrat, republican, and independently organized guides). Each of us chose one proposition to research and write about - what is it called, how can it be summarized, what are the pros and cons, what is your opinion?


At the park, we couldn't help but peek at voters inside the recreation center where we eat and play every day.


Back at the library, we presented on our propositions.

Christie Seyfert