Supply day!


t's been a while since we started our day with mindful art, and in light of the heavy feelings related to the election, we decided it was time to bring it back. We listened to music, drew whatever was on our mind, or drew about a cause we feel connected to - especially one that we might feel is threatened or in need of a little attention.


We took off to Home Depot feeling a bit rejuvenated, but also deterred by the fog for what was going to be a full day of building our fort.


Here we are looking super tough with a new batch of wood. All the construction workers looked at us like we were nuts as we giggled our way through the lumber department.


It was a team effort loading the car and safely transporting it and ourselves home. We finally found a system that worked!


After a nice lunch and a good, hard game of grounders at Beresford park (we were in serious need of play today!), we got back to work on our flag rather than our fort. Soleil has been charged with the NOMAD flag design, but everyone contributed an idea today.

Christie Seyfert